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we all fall like leaves of sad trees. driven by the wind we slowly float towards the ground. silence crept in when our leaves stopped rushing in, and the wind and our secrets weren't spread across the land. when days are cold and nights as well, and those are the days when kings are made. those are the days when kings are made, with cold hearts and bloody hands. those that fight wars but are lonesome in fact. until they fall like leaves and silence creeps in. and it was as if winter would have never been. the land slowly forgets. new generations grow serving the upcoming king. who turns out to have a cold heart and bloody hands. nothing has been learned. kings are dead and we slowly forget. nothing has been learned. we fight the same wars again.
how do you forget your love, or start to hate? how do you curse the moment you smiled, before it’s to late? how do you step out of the shadows, and into the light? how do you rid yourself of feelings that keep you up during your days and most of your nights? if you find the way to prove that all. if you know how to walk with your head up high, and your heart all safe and not in the hands of someone else, just please tell me how. I will destroy my bridges. I will burn my houses. I will tie myself and drop me down to the ground of my inner believes, to anything I am. I will take this risk to come back and stand up on the wreck of what I once was. I hope there's a lighthouse guiding me through the dark and the storm. sending a light of hope and the sense of someone cares. I will grow on this lecture; I will know how to sail on this ocean of life with every single step. I will never feel secure. but with hope in my mind and your light in my heart I won’t get lost.
innocent silence is lying like a haze of dust on this world. peaceful it seems, until everything awakes. Something stirs beneath this golden haze of dust. dread is vicious. iIt fights from every side. you want the peace that never existed before. you need the war that has been here forever. what dies awakes again. this colored world turns grey.
after the storm came the rain that couldn’t stop the fire. I died that night and it hurt. I still die every day and yeah it hurts. this curtain pretending I'm alright is just a lie. we fight everyday against what used to get us down. don’t keep what you always wanted to say. that day will come when you need the ones you love protecting your back. you will find me in the front row dear, where I listen to my heart. I will receive the fire with open arms. they taught you wrong, there's no peace, no mercy, no grace. there's no beauty in death, there's no tunnel of light, it will hurt and you will be gone. we blank out death is coming. let's hope we never have to beg for it when life is worse. when it is the only solution, when you hope someone will take your pain, I don’t hope for remedy. no one will carry your weight; no one will tell you you're not lost. you walk this last path all alone, let’s hope I was wrong and there will be light and peace.
it’s not that you take my soul and get my spirit. it`s not that you take my heart and get my love. you had your chance, you wanted everything. you took not only my breath, but my space to breath. I was lost in this life, lost in these thoughts, drowning in the yearning for more. my heart longs for safety. my heart longs for love. it’s not that you take my soul and get my spirit. it`s not that you take my heart and get my love. there’s a glooming left inside. it’s still fighting for what little is left of this beautiful dying thing called hope. I was lost in this life, lost in these thoughts, drowning in the yearning for more. my heart longs for safety. my heart longs for love. we have walked on stony roads, have stumbled, strived and fought, won and lost, gone astray, died and risen, and been drowning in this hell of a love. we have died and risen and been drowning in this hell of a love.


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LP-Release via:
Halo of Flies Records (US):
Narshardaa Records (GER):
Protagonist Records (US):


released April 27, 2013

All music and lyrics written by Amber
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Roos at FatPoundofSound, December 2012

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all rights reserved



AMBER Marburg, Germany

we are amber. we are 5 friends from Marburg, Germany playing the music we love. We are influenced by bands like Cult of Luna, Time to Burn, Isis, AmenRa, The Ocean, Neurosis.

Jakob - Drums
Julian - Vocals
Christian - Guitar
Patrick - Bass
Dennis KYHN - Guitar

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