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released April 11, 2012

LP-Release (2013) via:
Zegema Beach Records (CAN):

all music and lyrics written by Amber; Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Roos at FatPoundofSound, 2012

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AMBER Marburg, Germany

we are amber. we are 5 friends from Marburg, Germany playing the music we love. We are influenced by bands like Cult of Luna, Time to Burn, Isis, AmenRa, The Ocean, Neurosis.

Jakob - Drums
Julian - Vocals
Christian - Guitar
Patrick - Bass

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Track Name: cold hands warm heart
Can you hear me laughing
I heard you screaming when I ripped out your heart to save it at least
I saved you at least
Track Name: more than we can bear
What's happening to us
Drowning in banality
Lost inside our lust
It is all I’ve left to give

You know me to well
Even all the times I was unpredictable
You see right through me
There is nothing more I’ve left to give

Go ahead and spoil the end for me
No more tears no more lies
For all I know it was carved in stone from the beginning
Track Name: long walk home
I count my steps in the dark to not be afraid
when walking the streets in the city I hate
Searching for a home
Searching for a safe place at night
Where are the people I love in the city I hate

Its getting colder every step I go further
more quiet in the streets the voices get louder
I start running an endless way
Isn’t there anyone running with me

Where are the lights of the streets chasing out the ghosts of the night
It's getting darker I try to run faster

Run faster, run the ghosts say
Run until you reach the rivers of all floating time
Each will bring you out of this labyrinth of dark streets
Where you never know which turn is the right to bring you back to the light
But hurry in these rainy days the rivers get higher they pull you under they drag you along
Run my dear run faster my dear, Run the ghosts say

Where are the people I love in the city I hate
Isn't there anyone running with me?
It's getting darker - I try to run faster
Where are the lights of the streets chasing out the ghosts?

There are ghosts in the streets
There are ghosts in the walls
There are ghosts in my head
Running with me
I try to run as fast as I can
These were the days when I couldn’t stop running away
Track Name: for better or worse
Now the end is here
The final curtain falls farewell my friends
As the stars collide
We stand together screaming
Our spirits will prevail
Track Name: I wish I wouldn't dream
Every night I fight against the world
Against all animals all enemies - I fight
against the wind and the ocean
I fight to not see you die

Every night I fight against the world
I have a battle to win I fight and I scream
I fight to not see you die

I don’t move although I run
You don’t hear me as I scream your name
I try to reach you - I couldn’t rescue you again

I wake up cause I feel the rain
It turns out this is my pain and the tears I cried for you
It’s my biggest fear to see you die